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Why Real Estate Agents are Necessary

Why Real Estate Agents are Necessary

By: Tanya Torres


If we are scouring apps and websites looking for our new home to move into then we might feel as if we can do the work ourselves. We might be thinking that we have all kinds of information and tools at our fingertips so there is no need to ask for help, right? Although it is possible to search for a home and sell it on our own using Zillow, Trulia and other online listing sites along with applying for a mortgage loan on our own. It is always better to have someone by our side who know what they are doing and will use their expertise to our advantage.


Complex Regulations

Real estate agents help sell and buy homes for a living which means they know what they are doing and deal with the ever changing regulations that come with it. Some people might be too proud or stubborn to realize how much a real estate agent is needed. However, buying and selling a home is a very complex process and when real estate laws are constantly changing and vary from state to state. Real estate agents are required to know all this information and the constant updates in the contracts, practices, regulations and laws. As a result, it is better to hire a real estate agent then face consequences for a mistake for not being knowledgeable in this area. 


Technical Information and Knowledge

Real estate agents do more than tell us how the aesthetics of a home suits us and our style. They know everything there is about this business because this is their career. We wouldn’t hire a musician to fix our toilet over a professional plumber, would we? The same goes for real estate agents. We can’t trust that we will understand all the information that is needed to sell or buy a home on our own which is why a real estate agent is needed. The agent knows all kinds of information about the home, from the materials used in building a home and whether they are high quality materials and more. 


Pricing Home 

When selling our homes, we might be thinking about all of the memories we have in it and how much we bought it for. We automatically have a bias when we are thinking about how much we will be pricing our homes because of all the DIY work we put into it, repairs and just the nostalgia of it all. However, this is where a lot of sellers might over exaggerate on their pricing and make potential buyers run far away from the home. If an internet source is being used to figure out how much a home can be priced at then we might be facing off estimates and might even underprice it. Some sites may provide estimates that are off by as much as 35% or more. These sites are relying on old information like old tax records and data which is why these estimates can price the home extremely lower than it is supposed to be at. Instead of overpricing a home or underpricing it, we can see real pricing results by working with a real estate agent. Agents know the local market and have reliable tools to allow them to find the perfect price for our homes. 



No one likes dealing with paperwork and contracts that are 50 or more pages long, especially because even one error will mess up the entire process and transaction. If a seller does make a mistake in the contract that they made up then they will not only lose the sale but it can lead to a potential lawsuit for breach of contract even if the mistake was due to forgetfulness. No one is forgiving when it comes to losing their money which is why hiring a real estate agent will make us have peace of mind and it ensures that everything is done correctly.


Inside Scoop on Homes and the Community

When we are the ones looking for a place to live in or are thinking about selling, we have to figure out where we want to move to and the rest of the details. There is so much information at our fingertips, but sometimes this information may not help us and we might feel overwhelmed with information overload. However, when we work with an agent everything goes a lot more smoothly since they have knowledge about the city and neighborhoods and can provide us with input about them. They can also provide answers to our questions and can easily find out more information about houses we are interested like how many times a home has been on the market, how long it has been on there, how many times it has been put on sale and more. 


Homes on the Market

Although there are a ton of apps and websites that can show us all the listings available, it does not mean that it will show us the newest listings right away. We might be checking these sites and apps every second of the day, but these tools will not provide us with the newest listings and can take up to 9 days to see them. Fortunately for those who use real estate services to help with the home buying process, these agents can see the newest listings as fast as it is posted. Instead of finding a listing that you really want and finding out later it was sold before you even saw it, you could have been the one to purchase it if you had chosen to hire an agent. 


Brian Burds

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