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Don’t spend any more money on Rent in El Paso. 

Don’t spend any more money on Rent in El Paso. The El Paso Real Estate Market is so unique in the fact that we dont see very high appreciations in value but do to high volume in Military Movement and base housing allotment our Rents are consistently moving up.

This mean that a normal military family moving to El Paso will fall in the Rent Trap and then will end up spending on average $15,600 or $1300a month on rent in El Paso per year. Fifteen Thousand dollars with no tax benefit, with no ownership to make decisions, and with no certainty that you will have a house to live in next year.

What are you all thinking? Rent is a waste of money Stop Doing it I understand buying takes some work and it will be a process to do but the benefits so far outweigh the downfalls. Lets for a example use a family of four that are transferred (PCS) to E Paso; they expect to be here for approx three years and then will no longer need a house in El Paso.

Option 1 Rent :

Type of El Paso home: 4 bed with nice amenities/ Refrigerated air/ Good schools and double Car Garage.

Cost Per Month: $1300 a month

Cost over 3 years : $46,800


Option 2 Buy normal VA at 5.125% interest  :

Type of Home: same as above with negotiation on behalf of the Brian Burds Home Selling Team probably even better at a purchase price of $155000

Cost per Month $1309 a month

Cost over three years: $47,124 = 1309 a month

164487.24 – 9.5% aver cost to sell a home in el paso after all cost and concessions = 148860.74 – 147934 balance owed after 36 payments  leaves you with a $926.74 profit not to good for you but you have still benefited from tax incentives


Option 3 Buy with The Brian Burds Home Selling Team being your trusted advisors over the three years

Type of Home: same as above with negotiation on behalf of the Brian Burds Home Selling Team probably even better at a purchase price of $155000

Cost per Month $1309 a month plus $35 a month unitl you can file your homestead exception with the state of Texas this can be done the first Jan 1st you live in the home.

Cost over three years: $47,986 = 1309 a month plus 862 split over last 12 months of sale I will discuss this in just a moment

Base Line walk away : home worth $164487.24 with a base appreciation of 2% per year with is lower then El Pasos average but we want to be conservative.

walk away use our specialized pay-down system we can get your balance down to $134,206

leaving you with 148860.95-134206=14654.95 in profit and the only thing you needed to do is follow our system and pay a extra 72 dollars a month for the last year in the home so for 862 extra invested you walk with 14 thousand in profit

So lets recap you can

rent walk away spending $46800 with nothing to show for it

Buy walk away spending $47124 making $924 in your pocket plus all the tax incentives a home owner gets

Buy with our system and spend $47986  making $14654.95 and get all the benefits of a tax incentives home ownership.


Please see all the details below for hoem to benefit from buying a home in El Paso with the Brian Burds Home Selling Team to Make 14 thousand rather then spending 46 thousand





Brian Burds

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