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Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

By: Tanya Torres   A beautiful glass shower door can open up your bathroom while showing off the beauty and style of the room. However, your chic bathroom can also be an eyesore when you don’t maintain it properly by not cleaning the shower glass and all the areas in it or removing soap scum […]

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly By: Tanya Torres During this time of year, everyone is quickly preparing for their taxes since the faster you complete them, the faster you get your return. More people begin to flock to the mall and car dealerships and so on to browse around to see what they want to purchase, […]

How to Brighten Up Your Home

Brightening Up Your Home By: Tanya Torres When the winter comes around, our days get shorter and we miss the sunlight more than we had in the summertime when it was hot outside. We tend to stay home more often during the wintertime because of the cold temperatures outside and the fear of becoming sick. […]

Spruce Up Your Home for Valentine’s Day

Spruce Up Your Home for Valentine’s Day By: Tanya Torres   Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash   Whether you are planning something intimate for you and your partner or hosting a party, it can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated. Planning anything can be difficult, especially if it is for something involving Valentine’s Day. […]

What Your Credit Score Means

What Your Credit Score Means By: Tanya Torres Everyone knows that our credit is important for anything that we do and apply for. However, if you ask anyone what their credit score is then you will learn that not a lot of people know or want to know their credit score. When you are searching […]

Making Your Home Look Chic But Kid Friendly

Making Your Home Look Chic But Kid Friendly By: Tanya Torres   Owning a home is something everyone thinks about no matter what age they are. We think about the amount of rooms in the house, the big kitchen with french doors leading outside and the beautiful green backyard where our flowers will be growing. […]

Surviving Your First Year of Home Ownership

Surviving Your First Year of Home Ownership By: Tanya Torres   You just purchased your dream home and all your credit and money has gone toward this expensive purchase for the year. Your hard earned cash, tears and sweat went into this purchase, but you can now relax and bask in your newly acquired home. […]

Curb Appeal For Your Desert Home

Curb Appeal For Your Desert Home By: Tanya Torres   Living in Texas can mean different things for different people. In Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and so on; it is apparent that they have a lot more greenery than El Paso does, especially in their lawns. Although El Paso lacks in green grassy areas […]

Ways to Prepare Your Home for the New Year

Ways to Prepare Your Home for the New Year By: Tanya Torres   via GIPHY   We all have goals and resolutions we want to complete and the list goes on and on as the new year approaches us. At the end of the year, we tend to have a lot more inspiration and determination […]

Winterizing Your Garden

Winterizing Your Garden   By: Tanya Torres   As the cold weather approaches, you have to be weary of caring for just about everything to prepare it for those freezing temperatures and the same thing goes for your garden. You’ve put in plenty of hard work and sweat into these plants so taking care of […]