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Remodeling Projects to Avoid 

Remodeling Projects to Avoid By: Tanya Torres   Photo by Tiago Aguiar on Unsplash   When you own your home, making improvements to it is just that much easier for you to do. You have this urgency to continue to improve it to fit your needs and style no matter how big or small the […]

What to Work on Before Purchasing a Home

What to Work on Before Purchasing a Home? By: Tanya Torres The American dream has always involved owning a house with a white picket fence. You could even hear it being recited after hearing it countless times over the years, but you never hear anyone say their dream home is a rented home. Financial circumstances […]

Checking Your Home’s Exterior as the Weather Gets Colder

Checking Your Home’s Exterior as the Weather Gets Colder By: Tanya Torres Photo Credit: Amy Proctor   Although the changing season is upon El Paso, TX, it does not mean that you will actually get to feel these changes for the entire day in the Sun City. Living in El Paso, you get used to […]

Chalk the Block 2019 

Chalk the Block 2019  By: Tanya Torres   October is a month when anyone’s inner child will come out with all the Halloween activities that happen throughout the month. It is a month that just about everyone can look forward to especially with Halloween at the end of the month. However, for the adults of […]

What to Consider When Purchasing Your New Home

What to Consider When Purchasing Your New Home By: Tanya Torres  Are you freaking out because you are currently purchasing a new home and you have no idea what you should be doing? If so, we have created some important points that you need to reference when you are in the process of purchasing your […]

Considerations When Looking For A New Home

If you’re in the market for a new home, then El Paso will definitely have what you’re looking for. With great homes, safe neighborhoods, and a bustling housing market, there has never been a better time to settle down in the Sun City. Home-buying is a huge deal though—it will likely be your biggest purchase, […]

Taco Tuesday!

El Paso Offers the Best Tacos  By: Tanya Torres  If you’re feeling like eating some tacos but there’s too many places to choose from then look no further because we have a list ready for you. Although there are a ton of places that is packed full of mouthwatering flavors, we have narrowed it down […]

Choosing the right neighborhood By: Elise Morgan Reach her at twitter at @elisemthewriter Things to consider when choosing a Neighborhood Image by pexels If you’re in the market for a new home, the neighborhood you move into is just as important as the bricks and mortar you invest in. Finding the perfect home means identifying the perfect neighborhood […]

What Makes El Paso Unique

For people moving to or visiting El Paso, they can feel that the city and its inhabitants have unique qualities. In the wake of the heinous shooting earlier this month, a spotlight has been placed on the city and more people have been talking about the character of the city. While that terrible day will […]