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Surviving Your First Year of Home Ownership

Surviving Your First Year of Home Ownership

By: Tanya Torres


You just purchased your dream home and all your credit and money has gone toward this expensive purchase for the year. Your hard earned cash, tears and sweat went into this purchase, but you can now relax and bask in your newly acquired home. At this point, you might be feeling accomplished and you should be because owning a home has always been the American dream. However, it is also a huge responsibility which is why you suddenly feel buyers remorse and wish you could take your down payment back. 


Preparing for Breaks

After you purchase something expensive like a house or even a car, you might be handling everything related to these expensive purchases with the softest touch ever. Before you purchased your home, you might have been renting which means you didn’t have to worry about when something broke. When something was damaged all you had to do was pick up your phone and call your landlord. Well now that you have settled into your home, your starting to worry about dealing with problems on your own. Instead of worrying about what might happen, it is better for you to prepare for unexpected breaks by setting some cash aside. If you don’t have a warranty on your home then to prepare for these costs, it is recommended to save 1 to 3 percent of your home’s original cost every year for any future expenses. However, if you do have a warranty then any problems you have in your home will be covered for the first year and more depending on the length of the warranty. 


Take Advantage of Inspections 

When you purchase your home, you will have an inspection done before you officially purchase it. An inspection is extremely important in the buying process because it allows the buyer to know if there are any underlying issues that are not noticeable right away. Although you have already signed and purchased your home, this does not mean that you should never inspect your home again. Inspecting your home yearly or even semiannually can save you a lot of money in the long run. These inspections can allow you to detect problems faster such as a pest infestation, mold growth, leaks, cracks and so on. You already invested a lot of time and money into your home so why not continue to ensure that your home is problem from top to bottom



If you want to breathe in good air that does not have anything in it floating around that could make you and your loved ones sick then be sure to change your filters. Changing your filters needs to be done every 2 to 3 months or even more frequently if you have pets who shed a lot. By changing filters, it prevents any huge issues from happening to your air conditioning since they are not being forced to work harder due to a buildup of debris in the filters. Not only does it save you money from preventing any problems, but it also helps you breathe in cleaner air that won’t make you sick. Be sure to buy in bulk when buying filters. 



Keeping a record of everything is always important no matter what it is or how small it is, especially when it comes to your home. This is important because you never know if you will be selling your home in the future or not. These records will help keep track of what you have done to your home from repairs to improvements. Not only will it keep track of the changes and repairs you have done to your home, but it can help increase the resale of your home too. 



You have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on your home. It’s a huge investment and keeping it safe is your hunger one priority. You want to protect your investment and that means you have to review your homeowner’s insurance policy. You never know what these policies don’t cover and you don’t want to have the right pulled from under you when a huge issue arises and it’s not covered by your insurance. If it is too much work or you need additional help, then you can always hire a professional to look through itS


Brian Burds

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