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Spruce Up Your Home for Valentine’s Day

Spruce Up Your Home for Valentine’s Day

By: Tanya Torres


Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash


Whether you are planning something intimate for you and your partner or hosting a party, it can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated. Planning anything can be difficult, especially if it is for something involving Valentine’s Day. This is a day filled with love and you want to get everything right from the dishes you serve to the decor in your home. If you are thinking about sprucing up your home and adding some DIY decorations or something you picked up at the store then we have some tips for you. 


String Heart

Instead of buying a Valentine’s only themed decoration and putting it up for this short month only, you can instead create your very own DIY string art heart which you can keep up all year long. First you will have to head over to Home Depot or any local wood store and purchase a mason board. You will also have to purchase craft paper, a bag of 1 inch nails, acrylic paint, yarn, hammer, scissors, foam paintbrush and a pencil. If you are not a fan of painting then you can also purchase an already colored piece of wood or any kind of wood and just varnish it before you begin your DIY project. Leaving the natural wood color on it will make it look rustic and go with any kind of theme you are looking to get out of this project. You will then use the craft paper to draw out a heart, cut it out and then use that as a guide when placing the nails in the wood. Here is a step by step instruction to help you create your next masterpiece. 


Add a Splash of Red or Pink

Red and pink are notorious for Valentine’s Day which is why adding either red or pink to your home can make it feel like Valentine’s Day in your home. You don’t necessarily have to only use DIY decorations in your home, especially if you don’t have the time to make them. Free up your time and reduce the pressure you have over this holiday by adding pops of red or pink in your home. You can use just about anything to spruce up your home and make it look more like Valentine’s Day like adding red heart plates, a love banner, pink and red balloons and more!


Chocolate and Other Sweets

Who says you can’t use chocolate as a way to decorate your home? Your inner child will be excited to be adding chocolate and other sweets to your home, but be careful not to overindulge in them as you are placing them around your home since you need them for the big day. You can decorate with chocolates by placing them in a glass container or on any Valentine’s themed plates, cups or mugs. You can also add some homemade chocolate chip cookies or any other type of cookies on dishes and have them out for your guests. The best thing about this tip is that you won’t have to find a way to store them away since they will be gone by the end of the month or even sooner. However, try to stop yourself from eating all of the chocolates before the 14th. 



For your pillows, you can update them to work with the Valentine’s theme you have going on in your home. You can either go out and purchase some love themed pillows or you can be a little extra and create your very own love pillows. However, if you are not a fan of sewing then you don’t have to worry that you will never get to add some DIY pillows to your home. Fortunately for those of you who are not skilled in sewing, you can easily make a DIY pillow without having to ever pick up thread and a needle again. You will need foam, patterned fabric, pieces of felt, a sheet of sticky-back felt, pompoms, permanent glue, a ruler, pen, scissors and a piece of paper. Get creative this year for Valentine’s Day and follow this DIY project


Seasonal Beverage Bar

You can’t go wrong with adding a seasonal beverage bar in your home, especially if you are serving hot chocolate and other adult drinks in your home. You can decorate this area with a chalkboard that has some Valentine’s Day related messages on it for yourself and your loved ones or guests. You can also add some chocolate and a dash of red and hearts to make it perfect for the holiday.


Brian Burds

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