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The city of El Paso is growing fast. From the West Side to the Far East, new shopping centers, hospitals, and schools are being built from the ground up. Along with this growth, many people are on the hunt for places to live. So, if you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ve chosen the perfect time to do it! The Brian Burds Home Selling Team has been helping El Pasoans sell their homes for many years. Brian and his team know exactly how the city works as well as what residents need and want in a home. If the thought of selling your home seems a bit daunting, let our team take care of you! Here are three steps you should take to make sure your home sells as quickly as possible.

Step #1: Choose a Great Home Selling Team

The very first step you should take when you decide to sell your home is to team up with a great home seller. Home selling may seem like a confusing, even herculean undertaking. For this reason, you should reach out to an El Paso home selling team that has the years of experience you require. Here’s where the Brian Burds Home Selling Team comes into play. By choosing to work with us, you’ll be taking the best first step towards selling your home quickly and efficiently.

What makes the Brian Burds Home Selling Team the best option for you? It’s rather simple! Brian makes it a priority to offer his complete attention to you. He has specifically formulated his home selling team to work like a well-oiled machine. The Listing Team, the Buyer’s Agent Team, and the Service Based Concierge Administrator Team work together for the benefit of the client.

Step #2: Make Sure Your Team Is Reliable

Selling a home is clearly a scary venture to embark upon. Once you begin to consider a team, make sure they’re reliable. Be confident that your home selling team will stand by you every step of the way. This can manifest in great customer service but you should also keep a lookout for great guarantees. The Brian Burds Home Selling Team excels at this. Brian offers two exclusive guarantees: the “Guarantee Sale” program and the “No Hassle Guarantee.”

The “Guarantee Sale” program stipulates that Brian and his home selling team will sell your home in 90 days, guaranteed! If not, he will step in and buy your home himself, for cash! There is nothing to lose when you choose the Brian Burds Home Selling Team! This exact timeframe can give you peace of mind so you won’t be strung along for an unknown amount of time.

The “No Hassle” Guarantee is designed to give you all the control you deserve. If you don’t like the way things are going and you’re not fully pleased with Brian’s services, you can fire him with no strings attached! Real estate and home selling have gained a reputation that may make individuals wary of teaming up with real estate agents. Brian wants to rid El Paso of this way of thinking. This is why he offers these incredible guarantees. When it comes to selling your home, the Brian Burds Home Selling Team will make you their top priority. You can rest easy knowing Brian and his team will take care of everything you need! And now we go to the third and final step.

Step #3 Let Our Team Do The Hard Work

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Contrary to popular belief, selling your home does not have to be a huge undertaking on your part. In reality, as a homeowner, all you have to do is make sure your home is clean and ready for prospective buyers. When a potential buyer walks through a house, she will more-than-likely imagine herself and her family in your home. So make sure your home is as much of a “blank slate” as possible. This is easily achievable. Just place family photos and other personal belongings in storage. These personal details might make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine your house as their own.

After that, you can sit back and relax as the Brian Burds Home Selling Team does the hard work. This “hard work” will manifest in an all-encompassing manner. Each division of Brian’s team works round the clock to make sure homes sell quickly and for the best price.

Our listing team will devote their complete focus on marketing listings on multiple available outlets. We will list your home online (in over 250 sites in total), on the radio, television, and print media! This way, as many people as possible will be aware of your home!

Once your home is seen by many potential buyers, our Buyer’s Agent Team will step in. This team handles buyer clients. The Buyer’s Agent Team includes local, full-time professionals who sell ten times as many homes annually as compared to the average El Paso realtor.

The final step is commandeered by the Service Based Concierge Administrator Team. Made up of a full-time staff, this team is completely focused on handling administrative procedures during the purchasing and selling of homes. In fact, our concierge team is the glue to our success. With this team, our other agents are free to be hyper-effective.

Achieve The Results You Deserve, Choose the Brian Burds Home Selling Team!

Now that you’ve followed these simple steps, you can achieve the success you deserve. Brian and his intrepid team are here for you. Their focus is in selling your home as quickly as possible, to the best buyer. Since the world of real estate is ever-changing, you need a team that has its finger on the pulse of new trends in the market. For those in El Paso, the Brian Burds Home Selling Team is the best possible choice! So, if you are ready to sell your home, contact us today!