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Making Your Home Look Chic But Kid Friendly

Making Your Home Look Chic But Kid Friendly

By: Tanya Torres


Owning a home is something everyone thinks about no matter what age they are. We think about the amount of rooms in the house, the big kitchen with french doors leading outside and the beautiful green backyard where our flowers will be growing. We picture every detail of our dream home right down to the flooring and the pillows on the couches. However, when our dream home needs to be updated to accommodate the new members of our family like our children then we might not know how to decorate our home to meet the needs of our family. Decorating our homes is already a challenge with all the different options we have available to us, but when we want to make it appealing to our young children while making it still look stylish then it can leave us frustrated. Instead of figuring out how to make your home look appealing to yourself and your kids on your own, we have created some tips to help you throughout your decorating process. 


Opinions Matter

If your children are too young to voice their opinion on what they want in their bedrooms then asking for their input is not going to be helpful. However, it is still ok to ask a young child to ask what they want in their rooms and playrooms. Although we all want to have a room decorated in a theme including painting the color in a similar manner to the theme, this might be too much work in the years to come. Childhood goes by fast and before you know it, you have a preteen or a teenager who has outgrown the childish themes created in their bedrooms. Instead of painting the bedroom their favorite color and adding their favorite activities, you can choose to focus on the functional layout of the room while adding storage and stain-resistant fabrics. For example, rather than adding permanent decorations that your children currently adore and will grow out of, add these decorations in a way that you can easily remove them when they grow out of them. 


Neutrals All the Way

Adding neutral colors will always be helpful when decorating your home since it is easier to accessorize your rooms along with it making it look bigger. By adding neutral colors to your home, you can easily bring more colors with any smaller accessories you choose to decorate with. Although having children can make us steer away from using white colored fabrics in our homes, it is a lot easier to deal with a mess on a white fabric rather than one that is darker toned or patterned. If a mess is made on the white fabric, we can quickly clean the mess by using stain removing agents but if it is on a patterned or dark fabric then we risk ruining it. 



When it comes to choosing fabrics in your home, you might want to add some that are kid-friendly which means fabrics that are machine-washable. Being able to wash items can take a lot of stress and pressure off of our shoulders, especially when we have a baby or toddler. No matter what we do, children make messes and trying to stop it from happening will drive us mad because it is impossible. However, adding machine washable neutral colors in our home can make it a lot easier for us to maintain or home. Along with having neutral colors that are machine-washable, we can also opt for synthetic fibers and wipeable leather for our couches and dark-colored wool rugs. Wool carpets are naturally stain-resistant so they are a perfect match for our messy children.



We can always use storage which is why we recommend adding either built-in storage to your home or using bookcases, baskets and so on can be extremely beneficial. Not only does storage make it easier for us to put away any clutter left behind by ourselves and our kids, but it also teaches our children right away to clean up after themselves and put things away. However, storage can also make us easily put all kinds of clutter in the storage areas and then we have a house filled with things we don’t use and forgot about. Be mindful when using storage in your home and try to declutter and get rid of things every so often to ensure you do not have things you don’t need anymore hiding in your home. 


Avoid Table Lamps

If you want more lighting in your home then adding overhead lights is better than having table lamps all over your home, especially if you have a child who is crawling or walking already. When we have kids, we have to baby proof our homes and make sure that all dangers are far away from our children. By not having table lamps in our homes, we are reducing the risk of falls due to our children tripping on cords and so on. You can always add wall sconces where the table or lamp might be while gradually adding floor lamps as your child becomes older and the risk of harming themselves in the home becomes smaller. 


Less Accessories 

When decorating our homes, adding a lot of accessories can make our homes look cluttered along with increasing the risk of something breaking or harming our young children. Instead of adding table accessories, we can add more wall art, mirrors and more in our homes. We can also add any artwork our children have done for us and display it on the wall, a bookcase or another location in our home.


Brian Burds

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