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How to Brighten Up Your Home

Brightening Up Your Home

By: Tanya Torres

When the winter comes around, our days get shorter and we miss the sunlight more than we had in the summertime when it was hot outside. We tend to stay home more often during the wintertime because of the cold temperatures outside and the fear of becoming sick. When January comes around, we are all ready for the winter to end which is why brightening up our home can be very beneficial to us. When we brighten our home, it makes it feel and look like a more stylish and functional space. Here are some tips to brighten up your home without having to buy a new house or start a tedious remodeling project. 


Front Door

The first thing you can change in your home to brighten it up is your front door. Not only will updating your front door makes it look better, but it adds to your curb appeal and that is something that you want even if you are not preparing to sell your home. Although you can refresh your entire porch and entrance area, you don’t have to do it unless that is something that you want to do to your home. 


Another way to spruce up your front door and make it stand out is by painting it any color you want. By painting your door, it shows off your unique style and makes your home stand out, especially for those potential buyers who are looking around for a home. A painted door will give you an advantage when selling your home because it will make your home look good along with making it easier for these buyers to remember your home. If your not a fan of painting your home then you can also replace it altogether or use a metal door with a large glass panel on it. If you choose this route then it will also help brighten up your home even more because it will allow more light to enter your home. 



Your room has become your warm safe place during the wintertime where you have lounged around to avoid the cold temperatures. You added heavy blankets, curtains and more in your bedroom to make it feel warmer in the winter, but as spring approaches you want to make it feel brighter in your bedroom. To make your room brighter, you can refresh your bedroom by adding new colorful decorative pillows, sheets, sheer curtains and a brighter comforter. 


You can also replace old furniture along with upgrading your old mattress for a newer and more comfortable one. By replacing your old furniture and mattress, it will make your bedroom look more appealing and stylish while making you sleep better at night. You can also spruce up your lighting in your bedroom by adding lamps, recessed lights or adding mirrors and new artwork to your walls. 


Laundry Room

Your laundry room isn’t just a place where you lose socks and a place that is forgotten about since it is hidden away from our eyes most of the days. It is a place where we care for our clothes and keeping it updated and clean can make your home look and feel better. Reinventing your laundry room is more simple than you think since you can paint it a bold color, add wallpaper, add cabinets or overhead storage to make it look nice and clean in there. 


Wallpaper Your Pantry

If you want to add some style in your kitchen but don’t want to have to paint your entire kitchen again then you can add a bit of style in a not so obvious spot like your pantry. Adding some stylish wallpaper in your cabinets makes it an easy project for you to complete along with saving you a ton of money and time since you will be working with a smaller space instead of huge walls. Although you might be only saving half the time than you would on a bigger kitchen project, you will still be facing some time decluttering and removing all of the items in your pantry. However, this will give you the time to throw out any expired canned goods and food, old containers and more. By throwing out old items, it makes your pantry look bigger and it will definitely save you time when you are preparing to sell your home. 


Bring the Outside In

Another great way to brighten up your home is by bringing in the outside into your home. You can do this by putting your favorite flowers or plants into your home and placing them on a table, window sill, mantle or any other place your heart desires. By bringing in outside plants into your home, it will remind you that spring is near along with brightening up your home. You can also use colorful vases, jars, shiny jars, old or new containers to add these pieces to your home.


Brian Burds

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