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Buying a home is a very exciting time. The housing market in El Paso is booming as the city increases its industry, builds new infrastructure, and sees a burst in population and young professionals. Plenty of ‘For Sale by Owner’ signs have been going up throughout the city as people take advantage of the demand for homes in the area. The state of Texas is seeing an influx in population and El Paso homes rank high on the affordability scale. Brian Burds knows where to find the best deals and negotiate the best contracts on resale homes.

Benefits of Choosing Resale

Home buyers are usually faced with two main choices: new or resale? There are certainly pros to both choices and our team can help you make the right decision. We’ll help you determine whether the benefits of buying a home for sale by owner align with your needs.

Pricing and Discounts

One clear advantage of buying a home for sale by owner is that prices tend to be lower. Buying a new home can cost you up to 20% more while buying resale might give you some handsome discounts depending on the neighborhood, the state of the real estate market, and other factors. Many ‘For Sale by Owner’ homes can give a new buyer appealing discounts as the owner has to sell quickly.

The Charm and History

There is something special about walking into a home that was built in a different era and serves as a kind of relic of American history. For some people, small details like the brick chimneys, interior French Doors, or laundry chutes can be an appealing aspect of purchasing a resale. Older homes also have more architectural variety than some newer homes, which are usually made to look similar to homes in the neighborhood.


Many people see buying resale as an opportunity to shape the house to their own tastes and vision. For some people, tailoring a home and fixing it up is part of the fun in the process.

Is Resale Right For Me?

If you’re wondering whether buying a home for sale by owner is the right choice for you, then consider these factors:

  • Location/Neighborhood. One way to assess your best choice is to think about the neighborhood or area you see yourself moving into. New homes are mostly built in newer neighborhoods and areas. This sometimes means suburban neighborhoods farther away from city centers.
  • Maintenance. Part of the bargain of buying resale is that you might get a good discount with the knowledge that you will have to put in some handy work to repair pressing issues. Are you willing to put in the money to get the work done? Perhaps you’re someone that is handy and sees this as an opportunity to fix it yourself.
  • Vision. Does the house fit your vision or is it going to require substantial remodeling or maintenance that you’re not ready to take on?

Get the Best Resale Deal with Brian Burds

As experts in the El Paso real estate market, the Brian Burds Home Selling Team knows the neighborhoods, locations, and can advise you on the best deals in town. Resale homes can be a great option for any house hunter. Whether you’re looking for a large family home, an economical home, or a fixer-upper, the Brian Burds team can find it!

Buy Resale with Brian Burds

Brian Burds wants to find the perfect house for you! This could be your next family home or an investment home. The El Paso real estate market is waiting. Contact Brian Burds and we will find your dream home. Call us at 915-751-1500 or visit our office located at 11400 Sean Haggerty Dr. #202B, El Paso, Texas 79934.