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Curb Appeal For Your Desert Home

Curb Appeal For Your Desert Home

By: Tanya Torres


Living in Texas can mean different things for different people. In Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and so on; it is apparent that they have a lot more greenery than El Paso does, especially in their lawns. Although El Paso lacks in green grassy areas and trees, the Sun City does make up for it with its beautiful sunsets and mountain areas. You could easily escape the city and head over to scenic drive and get a glimpse of El Paso, Juarez and New Mexico which adds to the appeal of living in El Paso. 


But what does the Texas desert mean when it comes to living in our homes? Although you could easily find homes with green lawns, there aren’t that many in El Paso compared to other places in Texas. If you’re already living in the Sun City and you are looking at ways to spruce up your curb appeal to potential buyers then the lack of a green lawn shouldn’t stop you from improving your curb appeal. Although you might be puzzled as to what you can do to improve your curb appeal, we have some options to help you and your home. 


Water Wisely

When it comes to watering, you can’t just randomly go outside at any time of the day to get your watering done. Instead of heading outside to water when it is hot out like in the afternoon, start watering in the morning. You’ve heard about the old saying: the early bird catches the worm so instead of waiting until later on in the day to get your watering down, do it sooner. By watering in the morning, you are avoiding the intense heat which prevents all the water from immediately drying up and not getting nourished. 


If you are not a morning person and you are worried that you will never get that American green lawn then we have a great option for you. Instead of waking up early in the morning, you can water at night when the sun isn’t around anymore. Lastly, get to know your sprinkler system and how much water is needed to nourish your trees, lawn and so on. 


The Appeal of Faux

If you don’t want to deal with all the watering that comes with getting a green lawn then you can always add a faux lawn to your home. Instead of having a huge green law, you can install a small section to add to your curb appeal. Although faux lawns still requires some maintenance, you won’t have to go outside and mow it or water it like you did before. You can also add a border of bricks, river stones or whatever else you want to enhance your curb appeal with your faux lawn. 


Rocking Your Curb Appeal with Rocks

When you look around your neighborhood or even the rest of the city, you will start to notice that a lot of homes have rocks instead of grass in their lawns. Rocks lawns require minimal maintenance so you won’t have to worry about watering or mowing the lawn anymore. However, you will still have to remove any debris and weeds growing in between the rocks. Lastly, you can add any kind of color to your rock lawn because of all the different colors of rocks there are. 


Drought Resistant Greenery

If you have opted for a rock lawn then you might be noticing that there’s a lot of different colors and textures for all rocks. However, the colors you might be dealing with might all be neutral colors which makes you want to add a splash of color to the mix. Although you might be yearning for a grass lawn, you can choose to add desert plants to your home to make it more Southwestern. The plus for adding desert plants to your home is that they won’t take much water to keep them looking beautiful and more importantly, alive. 


You can add palm trees, cactus, succulents and plants that bloom in the cooler months to your home and make it look more lively with the colors. This option is called xeriscaping (also mispronounced as zeroscaping) which is an eco-smart option since you won’t have to be using a lot of water to keep them alive. 


Be Mindful of Trees and Bushes 

Although trees and bushes make everything look nicer, if you are thinking about selling your home then adding extra work to the mix isn’t going to be appealing for you. By this, we mean that these trees and bushes drop flowers, leaves and fruits all over your lawn every day. When you are selling your home, you don’t want to be hosing down your lawn and picking up all the droppings all of the time because of these messy plants. 


Elevation Adds Drama

If you want to make your lawn look dramatic then you can add height to your lawn too. You don’t have to bring huge rocks to your home to add to the dramatic elevated look either. You can make it look visually dramatic by building small hills in your lawn with the same gravel you used for the lawn or crushed stone. 


Add a Water Feature or a No-water Riverbed 

This last option can either be done with a no-water riverbed or adding a water feature to your lawn, it all depends on what you want. 


A no-water riverbed can be done without using water at all. You would just have to install a dry creek bed in your lawn along with adding river rocks and digging up a trench to mimic the curve of a creek. You can also install a small bridge over the bridge to make it look and feel like a small river is in your lawn. It also looks great to those who are looking to buy your home.


If you are still leaving on adding a water feature to your home then you will have to keep in mind about how much water is used and needed for this feature. However, you can always add self-contained fountains to keep your lawn eco-smart which impacts the environment very minimally. 


Brian Burds

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