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buying a home

Buying a house is an incredibly exciting adventure. Getting the title of “Homeowner” is a goal many people in El Paso share. If you’re ready to take the leap toward becoming a homeowner, you should let the Brian Burds Home Selling Team lend you a helping hand. Although our name says we sell homes, we also help clients buy them! Without the buyer, there is no sale. As a prospective homeowner, you are an incredibly important part of this relationship. All you need to do to guarantee your success is to choose a great real estate agent who will be by your side every step of the way. The Brian Burds Home Selling Team is ready to help you become a homeowner, here’s how!

How to Get Started When Buying a House

Even though buying a home isn’t as fast as, say, buying a t-shirt at the mall, it can still be as fun and exciting. Before you start house hunting, however, you need to get a few important bits squared away. To start, you must understand how much it will cost to own a home. A common rule of thumb is to choose a home that will cost no more than four times your annual household income. This is because you will need to make a downpayment on your home and if you can’t afford to keep up with the subsequent payments, you will undoubtedly face financial issues. So, it’s smart to always have your budget in mind.
Before you begin your search in earnest, you must be prequalified and preapproved for a mortgage. Since you may not have $200,000 lying around for the moment you want to buy a home, you need to speak to a lender to see how much you’ll be able to spend. Mortgages may seem daunting if you’ve never had one, but they’re a common part of life. Once your lender lets you know how much you’ll be able to borrow, you’ll have a budget in mind for potential homes. This way, you won’t go in too deep or settle for a subpar home. Now that you’ve got your financial situation in order, it’s time for the real fun to begin!

The More Options, the Better

West, East, Central, Northeast, Upper Valley, Lower Valley, Far East – the Brian Burds Home Selling Team has options available all over the Sun City! We’ve also got homes of all shapes and sizes available to suit you and your family’s needs. Choosing a real estate agency with options is one of the best decisions you can make at the start of your home buying adventure. This way, you’ll have confidence in knowing you’re able to find just what you need. The Brian Burds Home Selling Team stands apart from other real estate companies in El Paso. Not only do we know of incredible listings, we know of new listings before they even hit the market! This will undoubtedly help you avoid the stress of losing your dream home to someone else. When you have as many listings as possible in hand, you can guarantee yours is the best.
Options are not only important when house hunting, they’re a necessity! Brian and his team are well aware of this. We want you to find your perfect home, and El Paso has a lot to offer. Our goal is for you to be happy with your final choice. When you choose the Brian Burds Home Selling Team, you will become our priority. We will help you find the perfect home and we’ll help close the sale in record time!

Put Your Trust in the Brian Burds Home Selling Team

When it comes to buying a house, you need to choose a real estate agent who is known for selling homes quickly. This is one of the best ways you can assure your success. Brian Burds and his team sell more homes than any other agency in town. You can have the confidence in knowing that once you find your dream house, it will actually become yours to own!
But we’re not all talk, we can prove our ever-increasing rate of success with cold, hard facts. Take the 2nd quarter of 2016, for example. The Brian Burds Home Selling Team closed nearly 20% more sales than the closest competitor in residential resales. Since each member of Brian’s team is coached by a hyper-focused nationally renowned coach, you can feel confident in your choice of real estate agent. We sell more homes in a two week period than a typical El Paso agent sells in an entire year.

The Brian Burds Home Selling Team works closely with lenders who can close a transaction in as quickly as 2 weeks. Our lenders offer some of the lowest available rates guaranteed. In addition, we can negotiate to get all your closing costs paid! So, if you’re ready to go ahead and become a homeowner, whether it’s your first home or not, let us help. Contact the Brain Burds Home Selling Team today!